The functionality you need to engage your agents and clients.

The integrations you need to drive results and maintain compliance.

The customization you need to make it yours.

Your own branded app

  • For your clients

    Your app is developed and launched to the Apple App Store, Google Play, and on the web (desktop and mobile optimized) so your agents and clients can access on any device.

  • Fully customized

    You choose your app name, app colors, customize educational content, input your preferred vendors, and more!

  • Mobile Real Estate

    Your app is right on your agents’ and clients’ phones. The app is on the home screen and app notifications break through the noise - appearing right on the lock screens of phones.

  • Simple, familiar UI

    Like your own Zillow app on steroids, your app will have a familiar look and feel to the portals clients are used to.

  • Multiple ways to invite

    Agents can invite clients via automation from your CRM, self-serve in the app, via a link on your custom website landing page, or simply by downloading the app from the app store!

Property search / referral

Save Searches and stay top of mind - automatically.

  • Create searches

    Clients and agents can create and edit saved searches on a list or map view, with an ability to draw custom map boundaries, filter by keywords, and more.

  • Import and sync saved searches

    Import and sync saved searches from integrated websites and CRMs (where available see: integrations).

  • Notifications

    Search notifications can come at multiple time-intervals (instant, daily, etc.), via any channel: e-mail, text message, and/or push notification.

  • Activity log

    All property views, searches, and saved searches are shown to your agents in-app and in your CRM.

  • Tour requests

    Clients can request tours, chat with their agent about properties, take notes, upload tour photos, rate properties and more.

  • Share properties

    Agents can share properties with one or multiple clients in just a few clicks.

  • Agent details

    Agents can see agent-only remarks/details (where available via the MLS).


Keep all communication in one place.

  • Real-time chat with clients

    Looks and feels like an Instagram DM. Chats pop up on the lock screens of phones with push notifications.

  • Searchable

    Chats are searchable across all clients.

  • Flexible

    Send properties, images, documents, video through chat.

  • Transparent

    Communication can sync into your CRM system where it is visible for compliance, training and record keeping.

Vendor referral

  • Visible

    Place your preferred/recommended pros or affiliated services in your app for your clients to see and contact.

  • Flexible

    Customize your vendor list from nearly 50 different vendor categories with the option for vendors to appear across all of your agents and/or to give your agents full flexibility to add their own vendors.

  • Contact vendors easily

    You can allow your clients to get in touch with pros directly, request that the vendors call them, or link to external websites (i.e. an online loan application) right from the app.

  • Transparent

    Your agents are alerted and a note/event can be made in your CRM the moment a client is searching for a vendor so your team can engage and offer help.

Educational content

  • Flexible

    Use our content library or create your own custom library of content for your clients so you can be the local expert and transaction sherpa.

  • Engaging

    Upload market updates, embed videos, articles, guides.

  • Transparent

    Know each time an article is read by your clients so you can reach out or offer help.

Automations and integrations

  • Deep integrations with leading CRMs and Marketing platforms.

  • Every action and activity in the app can be used in your CRM (via direct integrations or Zapier) to trigger actions, smart plans, automations, etc.

  • Build your own dashboards, track your vendor lead conversion, and build complex automations.

  • Learn more about integrations: ruuster/integrations.com

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