Extend the power of Sierra to mobile

Automate and engage your Sierra leads in your custom app.


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Average session time


Open rate of phone notifications vs. emails

Keep your clients engaged from the first meeting to close

Vendor referral

For you

  • Capitive, branded ecosystem

  • Property recommendations and saved searches via push notifications

  • 2-Way CRM integrations

  • Centralized communication

  • Preferred vendor referral

For your clients

  • Property search and automated updates

  • Integrated communication

  • Budgeting and education

  • Vendor hiring

  • Task lists

2-way integration with

  • Automatic saved search replication

    Just input an API key and saved searches created from your website or in your CRM are automatically replicated in your app.

  • Automatic syncing

    All in-app activity is synced in your CRM so you can see and automate around client activity when it matters most.

Ruuster helps you stay in front of your customers

“We found that through the life of a client's journey buying and selling, we were losing people because they weren't staying engaged with our agents. The app allows us to drive engagement.

We use automation from our CRM so that our first touch point with a client is simply an invite to the app and we find that on the client side they're adopting at almost a 75% rate which leads to great communication and more closed deals.”

Dave Monheit
Broker Owner, Encore Realty
  • Team: 25 Agents

  • Transactions: 750/year

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